The Home Improvement Store

Your one stop solution for all kind of top notch products.


Lets you create a space for bringing everyone and everything you love together.


Control your ambience with the complete control over your lighting products.


Smart kitchen accessories to improve work efficency and product compliance with international food safety  standards.

Storage & Organizers

Innovative storage products that can hold dirt and heavy loads, give your environment a neat look.


Home furniture does more than fill your rooms. It’s there for you, day and night. we think furniture can help create a better everyday life at home. 


From bookcases to display cabinets and shelves, our storage systems help you keep everything tidy. We also have loads of options for small storage.


You will find candles for every taste, candle holders for all styles and lanterns. Simply strike a match. Get decorative mirrors and much more.

Tools & Media

Pick from screwdrivers to hammer drills and drill templates, and create your own tool kit. Lots of other tools will give you the best productivity.

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