Airtight Jars – Multi-Variants

The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed.

The jar has an aroma-tight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favorite homemade jams and jellies. The aroma-tight seal helps food retain its flavor and aroma longer. You can reduce your food waste by storing your dry foods in a jar with an aroma-tight lid, because it keeps the food fresh longer. The jar is aroma-tight and suitable for preserving food. But bear in mind that the rubber gasket needs to be clean and in good condition to function properly.

IKEA Airtight Jar


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Option A:

  • Volume: 1.9 Liters
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Diameter: 15 cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.80 Kg

Option B:

  • Volume: 1.8 Liters
  • Height: 21.5 cm
  • Diameter: 12.5 cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.50 Kg

Option C:

  • Volume: 1.0 Liters
  • Height: 16.5 cm
  • Diameter: 12 cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.30 Kg

Option D:

  • Volume: 0.5 Liters
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Diameter: 11 cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.0 Kg



  • Body / Lid: Glass
  • Seal: Silicone rubber

Care Instructions:

  • Dishwasher-safe.


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