Ice Pack

Do not just bring food to work or on outings – make sure it stays cold and fresh too. These freezer packs can either be attached directly to food containers or put in cooler bags of different sizes. The elastic strap allows you to attach the freezer pack on top or underneath a food container to ensure it stays cold. Can be used without the elastic strap in a cooler bag in order to keep the contents cold. Reusable freezer pack that fits perfectly in food containers and cooler bags of different sizes. Needs to be kept in the freezer before use .

IKEA Ice Pack


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Size: Small

  • Diameter: 14 cm
  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Shape: Round
  • Gross Weight:  0.50 Kg

Size: Medium

  • Length: 15 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Shape: Square
  • Gross Weight: 0.50 Kg

Size: Large

  • Length: 21 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Gross Weight: 0.90 Kg


  • Body: Polyethylene Plastic
  • Filling: Aqua
  • Belt: Synthetic Rubber


Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only.
  • Store the freezer pack in the freezer without the elastic band, as the band may lose shape due to the cold.


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